ALL WEAR BOWLERS at Berkeley Rep

b.jpgHad a great time at ALL WEAR BOWLERS last night. I’m a fan of both vaudeville-style clowning and Beckett, and this show combines them all into one memorable event. As you can guess from the title (taken from a stage direction in GODOT), it’s a riff on Beckett. Two Laurel and Hardy style film stars suddenly find themselves outside the screen, trapped in a theater. I don’t want to give away any of the ways they explore and attempt to get back home, but it’s very funny and occasionally delves into deeper, Beckett style explorations of identity. My favorite moment had to be the extended scene up front, perfectly timed, when the characters jump in and out of the film in an amazingly synched sequence. It reminded me not to focus only on dialogue when constructing my own plays — perfect timing for me considering the moment I’m about to write (if I ever stop going to shows and get back to working on my own stuff).