Inspired By A Staged Reading

Last night my friend Ken had a table read at his house, and it’s got me all fired up about working on my own play. Not that he had anything that suddenly solved my play. It’s just the way he’s approached his play that’s so inspiring.

I think he started it about two years ago, and his early draft was really good. He did a staged reading which was a big success, and followed it with a workshop production that went really well—rewriting all the way. At that point, I probably would have stopped.

Instead, he essentially took everything that worked in that draft and created a whole new play. Characters have been dropped, others have new motivations. The plot is tightened and streamlined. There’s a whole new storyline. And the damn thing is now better than ever.

When I rewrite, I always feel like I’m doing major work. But now I see that, on BEYOND WORDS, I haven’t been rewriting. I’ve been tweaking. Changing a few lines here and there, but keeping the same overall structure. What the play needs is the Ken approach: tear it down and rebuild it. I can’t wait to carve out a big chunk of time and really get to it.