Presented First Pages at the New Play Lab

It’s not like we’re AA or something, but I don’t feel I should be blabbing away about works-in-progress on a public blog read by thousands of people. (Or is it four? I can never remember.) Better for people to come out in March and discover the plays for themselves. So I won’t talk about how theater-geeky cool it was to be hanging out backstage at Shotgun Players’ Ashby Stage, reading plays as their dryer hummed away. I’ll just say that I presented the very first pages of my new in-progress play last night, knowing full well it suffered from all the usual weaknesses of my very first pages. The feedback was great: I found myself scribbling like a maniac. Liz and I were first, so Aaron and Greg go next Monday. Then I have about a month to fix the aforementioned weaknesses and press on. Just need to carve out a good chunk of time. Oh, and, note to self: bring a beer opener. Molly’s impressively good at opening beer bottles using door jambs, but at some point we’re gonna end up with beer all over somebody or other.