FAR AWAY from Just Theater

Oh my Lord. What a play. Caryl Churchill is my hero.

f.jpgYou can do a quick google search and learn the plot of this play. But don’t do it. Be as ignorant as I was and just go to the Exit before November 4 and see this play. First of all, it’s an incredible script — I mean, it’s Caryl Churchill. It sucks you in immediately and gets better from there as you start to piece together what’s going on. So even if the production was just okay, you’d be in for a treat.

But the production is perfection. Everything, I mean everything, comes together for this one. I’ve seen shows on this stage that had, like, one chair and seemed to be too big for the stage. This show has gorgeous, full sets that somehow work perfectly in this intimate space. It has fantastic sound design, deft direction and the best kid actor I’ve ever seen. I was really knocked out by the whole cast, in fact. Some are fresh from New York, some are Bay Area veterans, all of them rock.

Now, I happen to know Molly and Jonathan (director and producer) and could be accused of being biased. But trust me: if I hadn’t loved this play, I’d just say “Caryl Churchill sure is interesting” and talk about how pretty the hats were. No, I truly loved this play. So do this: ratchet your expectations down so’s I don’t set you up for disappointment—and then get out to the Exit. And if you think I’m just giddy after four nights of theater in six days, come back and chastise me in the comments.