My Play Is Being Staged At PlayGround This Monday

p.jpgSo the new season of PlayGround kicked off. We got the topic on Friday and had four days to write a play based on the topic RE-NEW, which for some reason they spelled with a hyphen. And my play was selected for a staged reading.

It’s especially cool because my first entry of the season has traditionally been a piece of crap, with the low point being the bizarre piece I did involving a guy doing circus tricks to distract his wife during an argument. This one is much less crapolicious. Still bizarre, but at least no one mimes that they’re trapped in a box to avoid a fight.

My piece will be directed by Lee Sankowich, which is very exciting. Come check it out. You’ll also get to see work by five other writers, including my friends Aaron Loeb and Rick McKern. It’s at Berkeley Rep on Monday, October 16, 8:00 PM, $18. And I usually round up people to get beer afterwards — I became a playwright in order to drink with actors — so come do that, too.


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