Teatro Juárez in Guanajuato, Mexico

img_0029.jpgWe just got back from a trip to Guanajuato and San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, and I thought I’d report on the only vaguely theater-related thing we did: a visit to the beautiful Teatro Juárez in Guanajuato.

Built from 1872 to 1903, it’s got Doric columns, Greek Muses, an unbelievable foyer with grand staircases straight out of Titanic, sculptures, paintings, a phenomonal smoking room: you name it. And then you get inside the theater. Iron banisters, red seats with gold trim, five levels and intricate details all throughout the room. I can’t imagine competing with the room by putting on some meager little show. It’d be like watching Police Academy 3 in Austin’s gorgeous Paramount Theater.

img_0030.jpgHere are a few pictures taken by Mariella (who on this trip was Mariela) — but I highly recommend you check it out yourself. It’s only 14 hours of travel away, if you count taxis, getting through customs, waiting for delayed planes, and bus rides from Mexico City.

You didn’t ask, but our trip itself was unbelievable. Our good friend Gene and his boyfriend Michael somehow snagged us all a virtual mansion in the heart of San Miguel. Complete with a courtyard, a pool, and an outdoor bar stocked with tequila for making lots and lots of palomas….


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