Finally Back To Seeing Theater

joseph.jpgAfter all the many hours of BAPF readings, I finally had the energy and inclination to see a play again. Of course, the fact that one of my actor friends, Joe O’Malley, was playing Hamlet — and that this was closing night — gave me an incentive. I’ve never been to Shakespeare at Stinson, which is outdoors in a pretty little beach town called, um, Stinson. We had front row seats because we know Hamlet. Also because we got there before almost everybody else. The setting is gorgeous, with mountains and trees forming a backdrop behind the stage that slowly disappears when the fog rolls in.

The production was done in a “film noir with Asian influences” style. I had no idea what this meant going in. Turns out to be pretty cool: sort of a Hong Kong version of film noir, with a samurai-style ghost and a Kabuki-style “play within the play.” Joe rocked, as usual, and I’m not just saying that because he’s the kind of guy who would google himself and discover this post. He’s damn good; he’s been in several Cal Shakes shows, a couple of my PlayGround pieces, and was outstanding in Molly Rhodes’ BAPF play. I’d recommend the show, except it’s over, so too bad for you.