Surreal BAPF Episode

gvnsom.jpgSo after readings of Enrique Urueta‘s THE DANGER OF BLEEDING BROWN and Eugenie Chan’s KITCHEN TABLE, a group of us playwrights went out for some food and drinks at Liverpool Lil’s. Some drank up front; the rest of us ate in back. About halfway through the late-night dinner, the music dims and we can hear some dude playing accordion up front — not bad, but not good enough to warrant an extended solo.

Then Enrique runs back to tell us the accordion player is Mayor Gavin Newsom! A few minutes later, I’m in a situation I never imagined in my life: sitting at a table with Sheila Callaghan and Sherry Kramer while Mayor Gavin Newsom serenades us on the accordion. All we needed was Tom Stoppard on a flying trapeze and the evening would have been complete.


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