Visit From Omaha Playwright Tim Siragusa

tim.jpgOne of the playwrights I met at the Great Plains Theatre Conference is in town. Tim was the driving force behind the unofficial fringe portion of the conference: he directed Mac Wellman’s late-night staged reading, he organized caravans to Omaha dive bars, and he was the overall ambassador to all things underground in Omaha.

Tim writes fantastic plays that incorporate everything from 1950’s beefcake porn to Greek theatre to drive-in movies to ancient Indian legends. He’s influenced by both Charles Busch and Mac Wellman, but he brings his own collage-style sensibility into his writing, as well. And he proves the rule that most playwrights named Tim are exceedingly nice guys.

Tim was passing through on his way to a Grand Guignol workshop at Dell’Arte School of Physical Theatre in Blue Lake. You can see some pictures of the gleefully gruesome outcome at World Picture News. The shot of Tim’s weak stomach getting the better of him as he looks at some fake vomit is particularly entertaining.


4 Replies to “Visit From Omaha Playwright Tim Siragusa”

  1. Tell Tim his direction of Mac Wellman’s play rocked! I really enjoyed it, and have been thinking about it ever since.


  2. Wasn’t that great? I loved that the stage directions ended up being characters in the piece! And the actors were amazing, too. Mac’s so awesome; it blows my mind that a staged reading had so many riveting moments that I (and you, too, apparently) still remember vividly.

  3. Tim was my first friend when I moved to Omaha, and his play “Reform School Timmy” was the reason I became involved with the Blue Barn Theatre. He’s a great talent and a great friend.

  4. He is an arrogant ass. I saw his post on a hot shops Facebook page directed at my artist friend who is trying to help artist in the gay pride community. She was understanding and kind and he cut her down very badly. Anyone who thinks he is a good person does not know him very well. Believe me your art is not all that my 5 year old great niece could do a better job. We do not need asses like you representing the community.

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