Finally got to see this show, which has been a huge hit from the moment it appeared in a staged reading last year.

In fact, back up.

Peter Sinn Nachtrieb has been a huge hit from the moment he appeared in San Francisco. This guy is a freaking genius. He writes hilarious and sometimes shocking stuff that’s skewed in just the right way. I saw the reading of it back when it was called Lamb & Jelly, and it was the only script-in-hand reading I’ve ever seen that got a standing ovation. It rocked.

Killing My Lobster decided to produce it right that moment. It’s been up for a while, and it was extended, and still I almost missed the damn thing. Luckily, we got a chance to usher and sneak into the last two seats of a sold-out show.

This show is just great. You’ll get a chance to see it someday, no matter where you live, because it will definitely have a future. I won’t even attempt to describe the plot details or even the overall feel of the play beyond the vague “hilarious, outrageous, great” bullshit I’m spewing because it’s all right here at the (ultra-slick) website.