THE MISER at Berkeley Rep

mi_art.jpgWent to see Theatre de la Jeune Lune’s production of THE MISER tonight. Unbelievable! This is a 3-hour production that flies by. Every second is fascinating and spectacular.

First of all, they’re a commedia-based group, with a performance-based bent — and you know how I loves me my commedia. They choose to play the Miser himself younger and spryer than the crotchety old man you usually see. This means he can run around the stage looking for his money and chasing women, which also means the other actors can be equally big and energetic.

The whole thing is a joy. It made me remember, once again, how much I like Moliere. The very first performance I was ever involved in (if you don’t count my kindergarten Christmas pageant, where I got to STAR because I was the only one who could read) was a high school production of Moliere. I’ve been hooked ever since.