I’m In The Bay Area Playwrights Festival

Technically, I already knew that I made it into the BASH portion of the festival. But today they made it official and told us who else is in the festival, and I couldn’t be more excited. One of the best parts of being in the festival is getting to go on a retreat with the featured playwrights, where we all read all work and get input. Who wouldn’t want input from the people featured this year?

BASH! (Bay Area Shorts):
Beyond Words (excerpt), by Tim Bauer
Your Money Is Safe, by Molly Rhodes
He & She, by A.P. Saito
Hailey’s Comet (excerpt), by Christopher Tong

Full Lengths:
The Danger of Bleeding Brown, by ENRIQUE URUETA
The Kepler Project, by DOUG JACOBS, NINA WISE and mathematician RALPH ABRAHAM
Kitchen Table, by EUGENIE CHAN
Lascivious Something, by SHEILA CALLAGHAN
When Something Wonderful Ends, by SHERRY KRAMER