Best Of PlayGround Festival and Audience Talkback

nowhereman_playground10_thumb.jpgSo tonight was the audience talkback portion, where me and Ross and Brady sat onstage being interviewed by Michael Paller from the American Conservatory Theater. I usually get really nervous at these kinds of things because, let’s face it, the play’s already up and running. Any audience feedback can’t be incorporated, and the audience knows it. So, usually, people just end up asking really weird questions.

Luckily, I’ve had dinner with Michael and run into him here and there, so it felt less like an interrogaton and more like hanging out with some theatre people. I wasn’t nervous at all, and most of the questions ended up being about the process of the PlayGround: How can you come up with a play in only four days? How did the topic influence the piece? And do you get to rewrite before the production? All easy to cover.

No one asked whether Eric Hayes, pictured to the right as Grezwyk in my play, was speaking a real foreign language or just gibberish. I’ll assume that means they figured it out.