Danielle Is Back

danielleStill a little tender, though, so it was a weird opening night. Mainly because I know when people are frazzled and missing lines. Plus, Mary, who has a huge monologue in a play (one play is a 10-minute long speech) got a little lost and skipped the part that, to me, makes the whole play come together.

But, since Danielle isn’t in my play, everything went pretty much exactly as planned. Seemed to go over pretty well: got laughs in the right places, and the actors are starting to figure out little moments that they’re making their own. What more could you ask?

The picture, by the way, is Danielle in Brady’s play THE SEWERMONSTER DIARIES. A wonderfully skewed little play about a woman/sewermonster who lives underground and preys upon San Francisco yuppies. A fun way to start the night.