Dangers Of Dress Rehearsals

Tonight was the dress rehearsal for the Best Of PlayGround Festival. My play NOWHERE MAN is the last play of the evening, which became a problem tonight because Danielle Thys, one of my favorite actors in the world (and the muse of the writer who runs the writer’s group I’m in) — is injured! Out for at least a day. Which meant that the first dress, scheduled to start at 3, didn’t start until 4, while they figured out how to shuffle the women in the show to cover. Which then meant that, when dinner was called at 6, my show hadn’t been rehearsed.

It did, however, make it into the final dress, at 8. And it went pretty well, considering that some of my actors were now doing double duty and so were a little fried by the end of the show. I love how George has staged it, with each actor sticking to their own part of the stage until they subtly converge upon the old man, who has his back to the audience for the entire play. There are one or two small things I’m going to see if we can change — specifically, a hand gesture that makes the old guy look like a jerk right when we’re supposed to be sympathizing with him — but overall I’m very pleased.