drowsyHoly crap, this is a fun play. I wouldn’t be surprised if it won every damn Tony out there. Here’s the deal: We knew absolutely nothing about this play. It’s still in previews, and when we first got here, there was no word-of-mouth whatsoever. But we were handed a flier that made it look really fun, and — with our background in advertising — figured it was either a really hilarious show or they hired a really talented copywriter. So we were intrigued. And, since it had no word-of-mouth, we figured we could wait a day or two and still get half price tickets.

Bad idea. That night, reviews came out raving about the show. Now we had to clamor to get tickets they couldn’t give away the night before. But we got in. Within seconds of the lights going down, I knew we were in good hands. It was the kind of funny that I like: straight-up, kinda mean, satirical kind of funny. Brilliant improvisor kind of funny, not the lame little chuckles that pass for “hilarious” on Broadway. Like the difference between some book that people say is “brilliantly funny” that barely makes you smile vs. full-on David Sedaris choke-on-your-salad kind of stuff.

The cast is great, the music is authentically parodying old musicals, the jokes are actually funny, Sutton Foster is as likeable as always. I only kinda like musicals and I loved this thing; if you’re a full-fledged musical queen then, honey, run don’t walk. Previews still run for a couple more days.