DOUBT on Broadway

Okay. So. I think I have a new rule: Only see big Broadway hits that win big Broadway awards when you can see the original big Broadway cast. Because this puppy didn’t work for me. I understand that Cherry Jones, in the original version, had a lot of subtlety and angst and, dare I say it, doubt. And that the original priest, Brian O’Byrne, was able to balance her perfectly, so you really were in doubt throughout the piece.

But this new cast, I don’t know. Eileen Atkins is just too powerful and too sure of herself. So through the whole piece, there’s not much tension. She doesn’t wrestle with any (I guess I have to say it again) doubt; she just barrels through the play until the very end, when we’re suddenly supposed to think she’s unsure of herself, for no apparent reason.

I certainly won’t condemn the play itself. But in this production…well, I’ll just chalk it up to breaking my new rule.