‘RED LIGHT WINTER; at Barrow Street Theatre

We’re in New York for my friend Paul’s wedding to the fabulous Jenny. And we’re hitting as much theatre as we can possibly cram into the itinerary. First up is Barrow Street Theatre. We’ve figured out by now that we like their aesthetic and tend to enjoy whatever’s running there, so we went to see Adam Rapp’s RED LIGHT WINTER first.

redlightwinterNow, I’m not sure how I feel about Adam Rapp. On the one hand, I wasn’t crazy about NOCTURNE, a long monologue that played at Berkeley Rep a while back. I’ve said before that I tend to hate direct address (despite the title of this blog), so an entire evening of one guy babbling at me just didn’t connect with me.

But I dig Steppenwolf, and this was a remount of the exact production that ran forever in Chicago. So I knew I’d at least like the acting…. And, bingo! I loved the acting. Especially the two dudes in this piece, who came across like you were peering into an actual apartment. Not one false moment, move, line or gesture.

As for the play itself, I liked a whole lot of it. I like dark, and this has suicide, false identities, sex, violence and just about everything you look for in an entertaining night out. There were a couple of wobbly parts — mostly with the woman who’s maybe a French hooker — and a long bit in the middle of the second act where things start to wane, but overall it was a nice way to kick off the trip.