Apparently, I’m Emerging

Tonight was the benefit for the PlayGround at Berkeley Rep. For the past two years, I’ve been part of the PlayGround Writers Pool: thirty-six writers picked to write 10-minute plays on a variety of themes throughout the season. We get the topic on a Friday and have to turn in the play on the next Tuesday. They pick the best six for staged readings, and then the pick the best of those for a full production in a festival.playground

This year, my play NOWHERE MAN got selected for the Best of PlayGround festival. It’s an odd little play, different for me because it features direct address and nothing but. I’m not usually a fan of direct address (despite the title of this blog) because I’d rather see the characters going after each other; which is why I specifically decided to try my hand at it. I guess people dug it, because it’s in the festival, it’s getting published, and it’s led to me being named a PlayGround Emerging Playwright.

Since this is the 10th anniversary of PlayGround, they’re also doing a Best of The Best, with some of the best from the entire ten years also being featured, including the one that led me to apply for PlayGround in the first place: Tom Swift’s MY NAME IS YIN. Goddamn, that is one awesome play. I saw it three years ago and I can still picture every second of it.