I’m On The Magic Theatre’s Lit Committee

Not a lot of people in San Francisco know this, but back in my Austin days, I was the literary manager (officially called the “literary associate”) of Frontera@Hyde Park Theatre. This was right after the legendary Megan Monaghan left to go to Minneapolis, and I was brought in first as an intern and then ended up running the department, coordinating the volunteers, computerizing the responses, and answering letters addressed to Megan because the Dramatist Sourcebook listing was about two years behind.

I really enjoyed the job, particularly getting a chance to read great stuff hot off the laser printer by people like Erik Ehn, Daniel Alexander Jones, Naomi Iizuka, Sharon Bridgforth, Ruth Margraff and Steven Tomlinson. And I was missing it. So, since I know the Magic’s Mark Routhier from the PlayGround, I asked if he needed any help reading submissions. And I just so happened to ask right at the exact moment that someone left the Literary Committee. So I’m in!

The committee meets once every two weeks, and about 10 of us report back on the exciting submissions we’ve read recently. The nice thing is, almost the entire discussion is about things that people like, so it doesn’t spiral into negativity. And I get to read the occasional hot off the laser printer stuff by people like Elaine May. Plus, there are bagels. Cool!


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