Tonight we ushered for GLASS MENAGERIE. Before the show, I realized I hadn’t seen a production of this play since college. In my mind, I’d remembered it as dark and sad, with very little humor, and with Tom completely closeted. This production surprised me: it’s full of humor, especially from Rita Moreno, and Tom is funny, witty and overtly gay.

glassI heard or read somewhere that Les Waters had never read it before this production. I have no idea if that’s true, but it definitely has the feeling of someone approaching it without any baggage. The set is fantastic, with a fire escape that loops around the entire stage, trapping the living and dining room like it’s Tom’s prison.

Afterwards, we went to Night/OUT. (A couple nights per season feature post-show parties for the LGBT community, with fabulous food, drinks and music.) Jimbo found Rita Moreno standing in the lobby of the small theater; no one told her the reception was across the way outside the Roda, so he escorted her over in exchange for a photo with her. Jimbo claims that there originally wasn’t going to be a Night/OUT party after this show, but that Rita insisted. Again, no idea if that’s true, but I’m not one to hold off printing gossip just because it’s completely unsubstantiated.


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  1. You can tell! It’s not interpreted through the lens of sixty other productions. It’s a straightforward examination of the text as a text.

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