‘ZORRO IN HELL’ at Berkeley Rep

zorroTonight we saw Culture Clash’s ZORRO IN HELL. I love these guys. They blend commedia with street theatre to do something amazingly inventive. It’s all fast and furious, with political jokes and sight gags and hilarious characters thrown at you as fast as you can take. And they add to the mayhem with multimedia, using film clips and animation and parodies of classic movies. The audience was roaring within ten seconds.

Best of all, they bring out a crowd that doesn’t normally see theater. (And a few that don’t understand why you can’t show up at 9:00 for an 8:00 show, apparently, according to a staff member. “They think it’s like a rock ‘n’ roll show,” he told me, “so they assume there’s an opening act.”)

I love, love, love good satire — and these guys do everything that the Mime Troupe wishes it could do. (Did I say that? I guess I did.) It’s a mashup, comedy, call-to-arms, hell of a fun show.